The Renegade Diet

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Most workouts are too long, and involve too many sets, reps and exercises. They don’t take into account joint health, sequencing, execution and all the things truly needed to maximize your gains while minimizing the aches and pains.

You’ll get the perfect workout for you, delivered via a cutting edge app. Everything is fully detailed with warm ups, sets, reps, rest periods and instructional videos. Plus you can log your workouts and post videos for us to review. 

Video Coaching on Your Exercise Technique ($5,000 Value)

The perfect plan is useless without precision execution. That is what produces gains and reduces joint stress. You won’t be able to optimize your technique without expert coaching. We give that to you every week and help you get the most out of every rep of every set. 

A Fat Shredding, Energy Boosting Nutrition Plan ($2,500 Value) 

There’s an overabundance of bad and confusing out there when it comes to nutrition. You need something specifically tailored to you that will meet the demands of your high performance lifestyle. A diet that will help you lose fat, build muscle, and turn back the clock. Most importantly, one that is sustainable and can be easily followed. 

Daily Habit Building Plans ($3,500 Value)

As a member of this coaching program you’ll be armed with the best strategies to build STRONG habits that will stick for life. We’ll help you create these and lock them in so that you can reap the rewards of looking, performing and feeling great 24/7/365. 

Access to Our Private Facebook Group ($2,000 Value)

This is where you’ll develop life long bonds with other men who are on the same path as you. One of the most important factors in achieving your goals is having a peer group of like minded brothers there to support you and hold you accountable. 


Read that again. No one can do it on their own. A tribe is crucial. 

Exclusive High Performance Coaching Videos ($1,500 Value) 

I’ve recorded (and continue to update) short, to the point, videos for you to review on all the essentials that go into building the body, mindset and life that you want. You have access to these to view whenever you want. 

Weekly Coaching Calls with Jay Ferruggia ($20,000 Value) 

I normally charge $1000 for an hour long consultation. Now you’ll get to chat with me live every single week for a fraction of that cost. I’ll be checking in on you every week, answering your questions, keeping your accountable, adjusting your workouts or diet as needed, and pushing you to be better. This is invaluable. 

VIP Access to Live, In-Person Meet Ups ($5,000 Value)

Throughout the year we offer our clients the chance to come hang out in cool locations like Austin, SoCal, and Miami for a weekend of training, epic meals, adventure, learning, bonding and a ton of fun. You’ll get VIP access to these events, should you choose to attend. 

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