The Pistol Squat Playbook

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Note that the Pistol Squat Playbook is a completely digital product.

That means when you sign-up today, you’ll get immediate access to the ebook in a .pdf file that contains links to all the coaching videos as well!

Deep Squats Can Change Your Life

An excerpt from the intro of the Playbook:

“When I began taking my training seriously, I had no access to a gym, much less a squat rack.  It was all bodyweight training and whatever I could manage with 2 kettlebells. I remember reading about the importance of deep squatting and how sitting in chairs all day was destroying our health.  

Squatting hamstring-to-calf became an obsession.  I’d never considered how it might be important to achieve such a position for overall fitness – and it felt good to get low!

Soon after, I discovered the mighty pistol squat and began a months-long process to own it, on both sides, at the drop of a hat.  My approach was less than optimal, but my practice was intense and consistent. I’m sure I annoyed my Mom when I insisted she critique my squat form every day even though she had no idea what the heck I was doing.

With time, the elusive pistol squat came under my control and I’ve been able to maintain it for years by keeping up with the skills and drills you’ll learn here.”

Training for the pistol squat taught me more about strength, mobility, and movement than any mere book and played a huge part in my athletic foundation.

In fact, the deep squat strength I developed came in handy years later in powerlifting…

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